SoCal 2018 Canadian Invasion

Posted by Troy Blackmore on

Winter in Canada sucks for skateboarding. This fact is the main driving force behind a yearly group migration to Southern California in mid-February. (Originally inspired by a Canadian annual skate trip to The Turf in Milwaukee during the late 80's - early 90's, but that's another story)

I flew into Palm Springs to meet up with the road crew and skate The Yard. Thanks to Jeremiah for letting us skate!

Then a stop at the Nude Bowl on the way out of town.

By mid-February, the excitement of Christmas and New Years are well past and repeating cold, dark nights bring on a madness like skateboard cabin fever. Some people have access to indoor skateparks or find dry parking garages, but it's never the same as the smooth concrete and tiles of California. Throw in a batch of new skateparks, a steady diet of burritos and brews and you get a good excuse for everyone to get together and removed from regular life.

 Vans Combi

This year was not the warmest SoCal February, but what the Hell.. we are from Canada. So look out, we will still be in the hot tub brewing up a new batch of smelly man stew.


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