West Kelowna BC Skatepark

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The West Kelowna Skatepark is located next to the Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre, 3737 Old Okanagan Hwy, West Kelowna, BC.

http://bit.ly/2Icugqh Google Map Link

Designed by local skaters and New Line Skateparks, the park was completed in 2016. The concrete is still nice and smooth and there is lots of room to expand (hopefully) someday. The main destination for me is the triple bowl with pool coping, it has lots of lines and there is usually an old guy session going on every sunny weekend morning. There is also a smaller bowl and a street area with a mix of obstacles to keep all types of skaters happy. Make sure to check out this park on any road trip to Kelowna!

Bowl 1

bowl 2

bowl 3

bowl 4

manny pads rail

rails gapgap rails


barrier wall 1

This steep barrier does not get skated much, it's usually a bench for locals to sit on or against. I did see a video or photos of Riley Boland nose grinding it, which is crazy. Dave from Smartr Device says "Most of the time this barrier is home base for the Derrière Cult"

barrier wall 2

gap quarter pipe

gap quarterpipe

rail bank stairs

rails ledges


top bank ledge



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