About Big Pipeline

Pumping our favourite products across Canada through the Big Pipeline. Check back regularly to see what new items are being added.

Running the Big Pipeline shop is a fun way that I can stay connected to skateboarding. Skating has been a big part of my life. Since I stepped on my first skateboard for a sketchy downhill driveway ride in 1977, to working in skate shops from the mid 80's to the mid 90's., I was lucky to experience an amazing time in skating. I spent many years selling skateboards and making life-long friends at Pro Skates in Halifax NS and then at the original Boarding House in Richmond BC ( at the Richmond Skate Ranch and #3 Road locations). I then worked at Concrete Powder / Concrete Skateboarding Mag for many years after that. Those years offered great opportunity to skate, meet new people and travel. Thank you skateboarding!


BIG PIPELINE is an online skate shop located in Richmond BC, on the West Coast of Canada. Our mission is to provide a pipeline to deliver our favourite skateboard brands across the country. We can work with you to try to get you the goods you need. Offering limited edition and hard to find items from big and small skate companies. The best products by skateboarders for skateboarders. Contact us if you are looking for something specific that you can't find on the site.

If you live in the Vancouver area we can offer free personal delivery to a few of the local skateparks like UBC, Quilchena, Kensington and Hastings as long as you are flexible on delivery times. Email: orders@bigpipeline.com with any questions.