Powerflex Blue RockCandy Wheels - 56 mm

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Powerflex RockCandy Wheels
White wheels with Clear Blue cores:  54mm 84b (set of 4)


Powerflex RockCandy Core wheels use custom 84b ultrahard/fast anti flatspot formula. The riding surface is stone ground and ready to ride with no break in period.

The RockCandy 70d cores spin precise and fast. Instead of printing graphics that scratch off in 5 minutes, The Powerflex reputation is engraved in every set.

Powerflex brought choice and a new level of urethane quality to a fairly bland skateboard world in the 1970's. They did it again in 2017 with the release of the Powerflex 11 Gumball core! RockCandy Cores offer yet another choice. Google "Powerflex Skateboards" or "Powerflex Wheels" and you'll find some cool stuff, both past and present.

100% Made In The USA

About Durometer B Scale

Shore Durometer A Scale is good, but does not cover the entire range of skate wheel hardness and is very limited because the scale goes from 1 to 100 and anything over A 95A does not compute accurately.

Shore Durometer B Scale is perfect for skate wheels because:

  1. It is very similar to the A Scale, but reads 20 points lower, allowing the useful scale to be extended by 20 points, which covers the entire hardness range of skate wheels in one scale. It uses the same soft spring as the A Gauge, but the conical gauge needle of the D Scale.
  2. Because the spring is soft, the B Scale gauge needle does not puncture the skin of the wheel surface, resulting in the same reliable reading as the A Scale does.

For example:

104a = 84b
103a = 83b

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